New Mexico: Balloon Fiesta, Day 6

We woke up to windy weather, but it wasn’t until we were on the field that we realized there was no likelihood of balloons going up. Once we got on the field, it was apparent that the Dawn Patrol was going nowhere (or had already tried, but didn’t get far), because there were only two Dawn Patrol balloons glowing.

After sunrise, it was announced that no balloons would go up, but that there would be balloons inflating for a static display. Considering today is kid’s day and the first day of the Special Shapes Rodeo, that was a good decision.

Morning session

Evening session

The evening session was cancelled, except for the sky divers and the fireworks. No balloon inflation or Special Shape Glowdeo. Hopeful that tomorrow night’s Glowdeo will be able to go on.

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