Texas: Unexpected trip to Port Aransas

In my current job, I am working part-time hours. So when my manager said she was taking Thursday and Friday off and I should too, I immediately agreed. (Yes, that means I didn’t get paid, but I wouldn’t have much work to do with everyone gone, either.) We decided to do a quick trip to Port Aransas and check things out.

Taking the ferry to Port Aransas

Part of the attraction for going to Port Aransas is taking the ferry across from Aransas Pass. The wait to get on the ferry was approximately 30-45 minutes. There’s a readerboard sign that tells you how long the wait is, but it gave me the chance to get photos.  🙂

Part of the waiting line.
Roadside scenery.
Flags on the roadside.
We’re getting pretty close to the ferry as they funnel us to parking lanes for entrance to the ferry.
Finally, we’re on the ferry. Interesting to see us “over the water” on our GPS.
I assume this is the ferry operating tower.

Port Aransas

We were hungry by the time got into Port Aransas, so we had some lunch at Port A Pizzeria. No photos were taken – we were too hungry!  🙂

However, we picked up a local visitor’s brochure and decided that since we have a Texas State Parks Pass, we’d head to Mustang Island State Park down the road. Our pass allows us entrance without day use fees, as long as there is capacity available. (Since the pandemic, due to capacity levels, it has been recommended to make day use reservations.) We took a chance, and because it was a Thursday, there was no issue letting us into the state park.

Mustang Island State Park

We didn’t stay long, but we did stay long enough to get some photos. We already had day use reservations for Friday, so we just checked out one of the shelters and where we wanted to go the next day.

The wind was blowing, so here’s our windblown selfie.
The best clouds were behind us, in the direction of Corpus Christi.

We got some video of the waves from our shelter.

Ice cream in Port Aransas

As we drove back to Port Aransas from Mustang Island State Park, we saw the readerboard with the ferry wait time. We decided it was a perfect time for an ice cream break.

The colorful interior and tables at Island Scoop.
The menu on the wall.

I had a berry cheesecake flavor (I think it’s the last one on the bottom right in the menu photo).

Blue Bell Ice Cream, of course.

Our trip back on the ferry

By the time we were done, the wait wasn’t quite as bad. And we figured out an alternate back road method to get to the ferry, due to traffic congestion.

A bit more cloudy on our way back, but I was able to get a view of the ferry area.
The ferry next to us.

It was a very successful day trip. We had a great time, and did some relaxing once we got back to the RV.

Coming up next: Our day trip to Mustang Island State Park

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