Texas: Progress on the RV laundry cabinet

After having the new combination washer/dryer installed, we needed to use our new storage space wisely. The first step was to add a shelf directly above the washer/dryer.

The process

Lucky for us, the previous stackable washer and dryer install meant there was a framework we could use.

After the install but before the new shelf.

If you look carefully in the photo, there is wood framing on the right side above the dryer vent hose. The left side also has some framing, but part of it needed to be uncovered.

One trip to Home Depot later.  🙂 We purchased some metal strapping and two white melamine shelves. Normally, we would go for one shelf, but that would require custom sizing, and it was a lot easier to just trim the prefabricated boards to the correct length. Let’s skip all the hard work and go straight to the result. 🙂

The result

We now have a removable shelf, with access to the water spigots for the combination washer/dryer. Currently, we have a 3 drawer storage unit on the shelf, but we are looking at options for secure storage. The current storage unit will move around during transit, and we need something more secure.

The shelf with the 3 drawer storage unit and assorted linens and supplies.

Before putting in any secure storage, we are also going to put some wallboard (or something similar) up to insulate the back wall and sides. But for now, it gets several things off the floor and out of the way.

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