Texas: Preventive maintenance on the RV

While our maintenance at the service dealer included our slideouts and air conditioning, we did not have them do our preventive maintenance. Our RV has a Freightliner custom chassis, so we scheduled service at the nearest Freightliner facility, on the east side of Amarillo.

Our experience went well, except for the fact that the person making the appointment made it for last month. They still got us in.

Our services

We had Freightliner do what they call PM – preventative maintenance (heavy duty), plus replace the engine air filter. The PM service included:

  • Changing the oil
  • Changing the oil filter and the fuel filter
  • Greasing the truck
  • Checking for leaks
  • Topping off all fluids

We arrived at 8 a.m., but didn’t get into the service bay until 9:30 a.m. due to the schedule mixup. Fortunately, the service manager had saved our paperwork from the missed appointment, so they had our information on file. If we had just done the PM, we would have been out of there pretty fast, but the engine air filter takes some time. We drove out of there shortly after 2 p.m. It was refreshing to deal with professional service people who got the job done, after our experience earlier this week.

Our RV in the service bay, right next to some semis.

Because their service was not inside, Cleo could remain in the RV, while we sat in the driver’s lounge. Much easier on her to be in familiar surroundings.

State inspection

We weren’t done after the maintenance at Freightliner. Our RV requires an annual state inspection, and most of the inspection sites are located on the east side of Amarillo. We headed to the nearest site, and easily passed the inspection. Because emissions testing is not required in Amarillo, the state inspection consists of checking that all lights are working, checking the mileage, checking the windshield wipers work, and verifying the horn works.  🙂


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