Review: Saal Digital Professional Line Photobook

Through Facebook, I was invited to participate in a review of the Professional Line Photobook by Saal Digital.

The process

Once I received my voucher from Saal Digital, I downloaded the Saal Design Software (USA version), and created my photobook. The software is pretty easy to use, but feels limited in templates. Since I also do graphic design, I was used to a bit more freedom in page layout. One of the cool software features is that you can see the cost of the book as you create. There are no surprises at the end – the total keeps up with any added pages.

The product

The photobook with the protective film on the acrylic cover.

The acrylic cover is amazing. And I love the protective film cover for shipping. What I don’t like about the cover is that due to shipping or production, the cover is angled and not flat.

The acrylic cover after arrival.

If you look closely, there is also a slight bend on the back cover as well – this could also be the cause of the front cover not laying flat.

Where this photobook truly shines is in the printing of the photos.

A double page photo spread of my Mossy Cave at Bryce Canyon photo.
A close up of one page of a two page spread.
One of the layouts for having a text page followed by a photo page.


I would do another book through Saal Digital, assuming they can fix the issue with the covers. I really love the quality and crispness of the printing. Once the pages are opened, the pages lay relatively flat. I’d give Saal Digital 9/10 stars for the Professional Line Photobook.


Images in this book are available for purchase through my photography website.

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