30 Days of Creativity: Day 14

Since my last post, 30 Days of Creativity: Day 6, we had quite the weather in Amarillo. A cold wintry blast came through just as Labor Day weekend ended, and we pretty much stayed indoors unless we absolutely had to go out. However, we ended up with an issue we needed to address: the bathroom vent fan. From the moment we bought the RV, we had planned to replace the vent fan. It’s very basic, manual, and only has one speed. This worked fine for us for a long time, until we moved to Amarillo. The wind here is constant, which meant that our vent fan was useless. The vent cover, due to the way it is constructed, would get caught by the wind. There’s a reason that the Camping World in Amarillo has an impulse aisle full of vent covers. 🙂

We researched our options, and put it on the back burner. Until I went to the bathroom on Wednesday, and got (very cold) condensation drips coming from the vent area. We picked up the new vent fan that day, and waited until the weekend to install it.

The old vent fan

The old vent fan, with dirty fan blades.
The old vent fan, with dirty fan blades.
Bob working on getting the sealant and goop off the roof around the old vent fan.
Successfully pulling the old vent fan out of the ceiling.

There was some serious gray goop up there. If you look closely at the top left of the last photo, you can see the strands.

Before he could place the new vent fan, he spent some time getting the rest of the sealant and goop off the roof. This probably took the most time during the installation process.

The new vent fan

After scraping off the old sealant and goop, it was time to put down the new sealant and the roof receiving flange.

Putting the new roof receiving flange on the roof.
Standing on top of the roof, after having gotten the new vent fan up there in the shipping box.
Getting ready to put the vent fan in the roof receiving flange.
Making sure the new vent fan is correctly placed on the roof.

Once the vent fan was placed, he came inside and hooked up the wiring. The garnish trim ring, which covers up the interior section below the fan, needed to be customized. No exciting photos there.

Vent fan installed.

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