Oregon: Pittock Mansion (2013)

At the end of 2013, we were spending our holiday break doing “this is our last time doing this” things in the Portland area. We moved to Arizona in February 2014, so our trip to the Pittock Mansion occurred about 6 weeks before we left.

Built in 1914, Pittock Mansion tells the story of Portland’s transformation from pioneer town to modern, industrialized city through the history and legacy of one its most influential families, the Pittocks. Saved from demolition by dedicated citizens in 1964, the Mansion and surrounding estate was purchased by the City of Portland and opened to the public as a historic house museum.

In 2007, the nonprofit Pittock Mansion Society took over museum operations. The Society works in collaboration with Portland Parks & Recreation to operate and preserve the historic buildings. Pittock Mansion is supported by general admission, memberships, donations, grants, and museum store purchases.

While it was fun capturing Pittock Mansion still decorated for the holidays, I also captured a lot of the details that caught my eye.

Interior details

A harp illuminated by natural light from a nearby window.
Kitchen implements hanging from hooks.
An expense ledger with entries and amounts.
Decorations on a large mirror.
Water tank and knobs for a bathtub and shower.
A decorated radiator illuminated by a nearby window.

Exterior detail

It was a cloudy but not rainy day, so I captured some of the exterior details around the house. My favorite is the fountain.

This closely resembles a Benson Bubbler fountain, also common in the downtown Portland area.

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