Arizona: Drag boat racing in Parker

Some of our RVing friends were checking out the drag boat racing at the Bluewater Casino and Resort in Parker, so we drove up from Quartzsite to check it out.

The race was a good reason to pull out my 150-600mm lens. This lens doesn’t see a lot of “regular photo” action because of the weight and length. It requires a tripod and has a tripod collar ring (where the collar ring is on the tripod, rather than the camera). But it’s the perfect lens for sunny, fast action.  🙂

I loved the reflection of the water on the bottom of this boat.
Driving out of the frame.

I was focused on the boats, but it was funny to see how the birds were totally chill with all the high speed racing going on.

There were also some non drag boat entries in the water.

There was some amazing water spray action going on, especially when the boats were pretty close in speed.

Only one race was truly close.

We head back to the final day of competition on Sunday, starting at 8 a.m.

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