Arizona: Playing with a new (Moment) lens

One of my Christmas presents this year was a Moment lens, a 58mm tele lens. To use the lens, you need a Moment phone case. We were socializing with other Xscapers today, so I decided to capture a few things while we were out.


I might have been just a little too close, but it seemed to work okay.

Bonfire X

This is where the evening bonfires take place, in the Xscapers X.


A paraglider and the Xscaper X sign.

Random stuff

Greenery outside our RV, with the sunset reflection.
One of our solar LED lights.
Another LED solar light.

It was fun, and I’m sure I’ll be doing some more photos like this. Practice, practice, practice! 🙂 I’m also looking forward to getting more lenses, including the anamorphic lens (for video) and the wide 18mm lens.

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