New Mexico: Balloon Fiesta, Day 4

Day 4 started a little slow, as we were a little jet lagged from being at the America’s Challenge race launch.

Though we missed the Dawn Patrol, there were still plenty of photo opportunities with the mass ascensions and the balloon returns.

Mass Ascension

After most of the balloons had launched, I headed for the berm/bluff above the north end of the launch field (this 1.5 car wide path is directly in front of the North RV lot where we are parked) to capture balloons coming in for the fly-in task and returning to the launch field.

Competition and returning balloons

As we were watching the balloons return, it seemed like the wind currents just died. All of a sudden, there were balloons landing in the empty area behind the RVs in the North RV lot.

Balloons in the RV lot

As you can imagine, we were keeping our fingers crossed that none of the landing balloons landed on our RV. Since we were on the “wrong” side of the fence to capture these balloons landing, I only got a couple of photos.

Tomorrow, we’ll be down on the launch field to check out the Flight of Nations mass ascension – two balloons from each country represented in the Balloon Fiesta will participate, followed by the regular mass ascension.

By the way, no hot air balloon landed on our RV (or anyone else’s RV), thankfully.  😀

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