New Mexico: Balloon Fiesta, Day 3

Today is one of the three days with only morning events (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), so there was a Dawn Patrol and a Mass Ascension. I also was able to capture some of the hot air balloons coming back over the RV lot as they came in to land at the launch field.

Dawn Patrol

Six balloons went up as part of the Dawn Patrol this morning.

Mass Ascension

The hot air balloon went up with the American flag this morning, to start the mass ascension.

Then it was time for everyone else.

Bonus parade

As part of the team and crew that handle the Darth Vader and Yoda balloons, they parade to their site.

Coming in for a landing over RVs

We may have a Gas Balloon competition launch tonight – depending on weather and wind conditions. If it happens, I’ll do a separate post.

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