New Mexico: Balloon Fiesta public safety tips

A recent email from the Balloon Fiesta shows that they are adding metal detectors and increasing bag check stations. Attendees without bags to check are able to get through the security process faster than attendees with bags, chairs and coolers. They recommend these best practices when attending the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

  • Conceal Carry, weapons, and knives are not allowed during the event.
  • Metal detectors are being used at public entrances. Most entrances will have six or more security lanes with marked “Bag Check” lanes and “Express” lanes (without bags or with only small, clear, plastic bags).
  • All bags and coolers are being checked by Balloon Fiesta Public Safety Officers before being allowed onto Balloon Fiesta Park.
  • When possible, bring personal items in a clear or see-through bag or container. Use of a small, clear, plastic bag will allow you to utilize the Express Lanes into the Park.
  • Children and their caregivers are often distracted with the balloon-filled sky. Visit the New Mexico State Police’s Tag-Your-Tots, station south of the Main Street Stage, when you arrive. Have a plan in place if you become separated.
  • If you see something that looks unsafe or suspicious, alert a law enforcement officer, AIBF public safety officer, launch director (Zebra) or Balloon Fiesta official.
  • Bicycles, spike jewelry/wallet chains, alcohol/drugs, animals (except service animals) and items deemed by Balloon Fiesta Public Safety as potentially dangerous to other guests or the venue will NOT be allowed inside the venue.

I felt it was important to share these tips in advance. Arrive/park with plenty of time before an event!

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