Utah: Crowds at Zion National Park

We made it to Zion National Park around 8:15 am. A little bit later than I wanted, but we still managed to find a parking space at the Visitor’s Center. I would say that probably 15-20 spots were left in the visitor’s center at that point, and they filled up while we were getting our gear together.

Because a lot of friends have been asking about the crowds at national parks, I did a series of photos for how long it takes to get on a shuttle bus.

End of the line: 8:45 am

We are halfway between the external restrooms and the shuttle bus loading area. In the distance are the series of gazebos with permanent line stanchions.


Almost to the gazebos: 8:53 am

This is where things slow down a bit. We thought we might move faster from this point, but it slowed to a crawl. This is the first gazebo of three.


Not quite to end of first gazebo: 9:01 am

Eight minutes later, we have moved somewhat, but still nowhere near getting on a shuttle bus.


Flash flooding probability: 9:10 am

I assume this is mostly for those intending to hike into the Narrows from the last stop at the Temple of Sinewava, but good to know.


Transition between second and third gazebos: 9:20 am

So close, yet so far away. Almost to the last gazebo.


Weather and warning information: 9:27 am

This is the first place that says the Narrows are not recommended. Clearly, that hasn’t made any impression on the folks in line who rented shoes and walking sticks to check out the Narrows. I’m assuming that they were also told this information when they rented their items.


Almost there: 9:29 am

Woohoo! We see our shuttle bus has pulled up right behind the currently loading bus. It is clear we won’t make the bus in front of us.


Finally on a shuttle bus: 9:32 am

Success! 47 minutes after getting in line, we are finally on a shuttle bus.


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