Oregon: Peter French Round Barn

On the way to the Steens Mountain Loop area, we stopped to check out the Peter French Round Barn. This barn, which is actually an enclosed horse corral, was built in 1883 or 1884 and still stands today.

View of the round barn with three signs in front.
A view of the round barn with three display signs in front with historic information.

It was listed on the National Historic Register of Places in 1971, and is also now an Oregon State Park State Heritage Site.

It was a beautiful day, but due to the body of water nearby, the inside of the barn was full of mosquitoes. I did my best to get several angles inside before I got too many bites. 🙂

This site is free and open to the public. Be careful when visiting, there may be nesting birds protecting their eggs in the parking lot. We had to step very carefully on the edge of the parking lot while we were there – a bird was defending its nest with 3 eggs.

Inside the Corral

The center of the round barn, with poles and braces, as well as a bird's nest.
At the center of the round barn is a single 25-foot-high central peeled juniper pole. A nest has been built inside.
View of entering the corral.
Entering the corral.
The wall from inside the corral.
A better look at the texture of the wall from inside the corral.

Inside the circular paddock

Exterior wall of the round barn, with wooden boards.
A view of the exterior wall of the circular paddock area.
Another view of the paddock, with both the interior and exterior walls, showing the ceiling as well.
Texture of the interior wall of the paddock – which is also the wall for the corral.
Another view of the circular paddock, closer to the gate and showing some wood damage on the exterior wall.

Barn entrance

The gates to enter the barn were on the side facing away from the parking lot.

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