Riley, Oregon to Mountain Home, Idaho

We drove out of Oregon today, on our way to Mountain Home, Idaho. We briefly stopped at the Idaho Welcome Center in Fruitland, which is approximately 2 miles into Idaho. Behind the welcome center building, there is an amazing view of the Snake River.

The Snake River, looking towards Oregon.The Snake River, looking towards Oregon.

Oregon Trail sign.
The Oregon Trail sign at the welcome center.

It had been so long, we totally forgot we had to switch time zones. We went from Pacific time to Mountain time, then realized why our RV GPS said it would take an hour longer than our cel phone GPS. The RV one added the extra hour for the time switch.

Tomorrow, we head to Ogden, Utah, our last one-night stay for a bit. Our destination is an RV park near Zion National Park. We will be there a month, until it is time for Photoshop World in Las Vegas, August 21-23.

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