The Sentimental Journey, Part 3

In the first two parts of our experience with the B-17G known as Sentimental Journey, The Sentimental Journey, Part 1 and The Sentimental Journey, Part 2, we looked at the outside and the inside back half of the plane. Now we’ll finish up by looking at the inside front half of the plane.

To get into the front half of the plane, you have to go up a ladder. I carefully went up the steps, and took some photos before I actually got all the way in.

Clearly, the No Entrance sign was meant for humans, so I placed my camera on the floor and got one shot before moving on.

Once I got myself into the plane (the previous two photos were while I was still on the ladder), I turned around and faced the rear.

This area leads to the bomb bay doors.

Heading up the ladder, you go into the cockpit area.

With a little closer look at the throttle controls:

Thanks for sticking with me on this “sentimental journey” into the B-17.

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