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The Sentimental Journey, Part 2

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In The Sentimental Journey, Part 1, we looked at the outside of the B-17G known as the Sentimental Journey. Now it’s time to look inside.

Once you enter the warbird, you’ll see the far side gun port.


Then you get a nice long view of the plane from the back, straight through the radio room to the bomb bay doors in the far distance.


From the gun port window:


As you walk down the middle of the plane, you head into the radio room.

I took one look at the inside area above the bomb bay doors and decided that there is no way I could easily make it across the narrow platform to the other side:


I took a quick look around this area, then backed out to go around to the front of the plane.


The front half of the plane will be covered in the next Sentimental Journey post.

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