Arizona: The Sentimental Journey, Part 1

I had seen pictures of Sentimental Journey from a friend, and had even taken pictures while it was flying during Luke Days in 2018, but nothing prepared me for seeing it up close and personal at the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Airbase.

Previously, I had seen the B-17 Flying Fortress that was at the Evergreen Air and Space Museum in McMinnville, OR, but it was indoors and surrounded by other planes. The day we were at the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Airbase, Sentimental Journey was outside, and the closest plane was the SNJ/T-6 Texan.

There was plenty of room to walk around and under the plane.

Since the bomb bay doors were open, I took a closer look inside.

Once I completed my look inside, I headed for the back of the plane. On the way, I saw the ball turret, usually operated by the smallest man on the crew.

I finally reached the back of the plane, and headed up the ladder to go inside.

My next post will go into the inside of Sentimental Journey.

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