Arizona: SanTan Village Holiday Balloon Glow

On Saturday, December 1, we visited the SanTan Village Holiday Balloon Glow. This is an annual event, and it was our 2nd year attending. A local friend has two hot air balloons, and she is happy to give us permission to photograph and film her balloon.

We arrived early enough that we could capture the initial process of getting the balloon, Tango, ready to inflate.


By the time Tango was ready to inflate, there was quite a crowd around the balloon. As air was blown into the balloon, it was fascinating to see it come up in stages.


Once Tango was up, it was time to put on a show. My friend kept Tango inflated while answering lots of questions about how to operate a balloon.


Around 7:30 p.m., the organizers did several “all glows” and “flicker glows” – when all the balloons present turn on the propane to light up at the same time.


Looking forward to more opportunities to spend time around hot air balloons!

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