Texas: Severe weather and tornado outbreak

On Monday, March 21, we received warning that severe weather was heading for the Austin area. We let our employers know that at any time, we may have to shut down without any notice, but we weren't worried. Tornado watch At 3 p.m., we received a tornado watch. As I've heard before, a "watch" means … Continue reading Texas: Severe weather and tornado outbreak

Texas: Waves at Mustang Island State Park

I know I included a short 30 second video in my last post, but this is a edited video with wave sound effects. The video was edited using Adobe's Premiere Rush, with audio sound effects by Carlos Santa Rita from artlist.io. I used my iPhone Xs Max with a Moment anamorphic lens to capture the … Continue reading Texas: Waves at Mustang Island State Park

New Mexico: Balloon inflation photos

While it's fun to capture the hot air balloons taking off and in the air, it is also illuminating to see the inflation process. The photos shown here are also part of a video that I put together on the entire process, including chasing with the balloon crew and putting the balloon away after the … Continue reading New Mexico: Balloon inflation photos

New Mexico: Mass Ascension photos

During the 2020 Balloon Fiesta Siesta, I'm posting a few good photos each day from 2019. One of the coolest things to see at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is the mass ascension each morning. It's just stunning to see upwards of 600 hot air balloons, taking off one after another. This video shows a … Continue reading New Mexico: Mass Ascension photos

Texas: Stormy skies in Amarillo (2020)

We've been in Amarillo for just over 6 weeks, and have had some fun capturing the stormy skies. We regularly take a walk around 8 p.m. or so, before sunset, because of the cooler temperatures. I used my iPhone XS Max and a Moment anamorphic lens for these photos and video. Across the street from … Continue reading Texas: Stormy skies in Amarillo (2020)

Texas: Amarillo Botanical Gardens (2020)

One of the things we've been wanting to do since we arrived in Amarillo was visit the botanical gardens. I also wanted to participate in the YouTube Life in a Day project, so we decided to combine the two. I'm including mostly photos in this post, as most of the videos were submitted to the … Continue reading Texas: Amarillo Botanical Gardens (2020)

Texas: Traveling to Amarillo (2020)

It may seem like we just traveled from Livingston to Nevada, but we had been there 6 weeks. While we were in Nevada, we spent most of our time looking for contract jobs. Sitting in Texas while not being able to visit places (and chronicle them) has run down our savings, so we needed to … Continue reading Texas: Traveling to Amarillo (2020)