Texas: Views around the RV park (2020)

Now that we've been here for a few days and are settled in, it was time to explore. While this RV park only has about 30 spaces right now, they are in the midst of expansion. We walked around the field across from us, and explored the catch and release fishing pond on the property. … Continue reading Texas: Views around the RV park (2020)

Texas: Willow the cat

Every once in a while, I post about our cats. Willow is our now 18 year old tabby cat. Back in November, Willow was diagnosed with the beginning stages of kidney failure, also known as chronic renal failure (CRF). As two of our previous cats have also passed away due to CRF, this was not … Continue reading Texas: Willow the cat

Texas: We moved the RV (2020)

We landed at our last RV spot on March 9. For most of the last two months, we've been cooped up inside the RV except for picking up mail and picking up curbside groceries. We've also been struggling with cel phone reception and Internet. As we looked at our budget and upcoming expenses, it was … Continue reading Texas: We moved the RV (2020)