Bob Houghton Video & Website Productions

Taking advantage of the Micro-Moment
In today’s world, buying decisions are made in mere seconds. We see it all the time. Successful companies of today understand that most customers live in the micro-moment, and they design their message to be short and impactful.

Bob Houghton Productions
Bob Houghton Productions provides website and video production services for the small business budget. Our goal is to upsize the reach of small-town businesses without the outrageously expensive costs usually associated with large, big city websites and video production companies. No job is too small. In fact, we prefer small.

Videography Services
We can travel to your location, or scout out locations, to film content according to your needs. In the coming months, we hope to acquire commercial space for a medium sized video studio. Either way, we are equipped for what a small business needs such as professional camera dollies, steadicam style stabilizers, stands, high intensity lighting, gaffer gear, and more. We shoot 12K, 8K, 6K, and 4K at a 16-bit color depth. We can shoot slow motion at 240 frames per second. We can light and film for that cinematic look.

Video Editing, VFX, Color Grading, and More
If you have already shot video and need someone to edit and color grade it, we can certainly help. We can take that video to the next step. In many cases, depending on the camera that filmed the original, we can manipulate it to appear substantially different than the original or to add just enough color grading to give it that snap that wasn’t in the original.

Stock Videos
To keep our rates low, we sell stock video clips that are used throughout the industry by other producers to build great videos and websites. Feel free to visit our Vimeo site to see some of our work. We compiled a few of the clips in the 2-minute video composition below for a quick preview.